Wordreference or professional

Wordreference is another of those useful resources for translators and language workers. It offers a complete online dictionary in many languages, backed by a forum for the terms that don’t appear in its listings. It can often be lacking in technical terms, where a more robust term search might be more useful, but as a starting point for idiom and day-to-day terms used it can be very useful. As there is little context it can be hard to be certain of which meaning should be used, but overall it’s a very useful tool for a quick check.

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Linguee or professional

There are a number of extremely useful resources for translators and anyone working with foreign languages. From dictionary lookups to entire gist translations, there are a range of advertising-funded options freely available to use. Well, at the cost of tracking your internet use, but free apart from that. Linguee is one of those. It is a service that combines bilingual texts, highlighting your search word in both languages, over a range of contexts.

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