Linguee or professional

June 8, 2017

There are a number of extremely useful resources for translators and anyone working with foreign languages. From dictionary lookups to entire gist translations, there are a range of advertising-funded options freely available to use. Well, at the cost of tracking your internet use, but free apart from that.

Linguee is one of those. It is a service that combines bilingual texts, highlighting your search word in both languages, over a range of contexts.

It focuses on European languages, where it can draw from a wide body of EU texts, freely published for public use. This in itself can sometimes pose a context issue, as very seldom do people need the meaning of a word related to policy or law, meaning another more general dictionary is still required. Linguee have tried to solve this by paying professional translators and linguists to write dictionary definitions for its most popular terms, but falls short on the millions of technical terms that could surface in a business text.

Linguee is good for a first quick check of assumptions, in our experience, but better correlated against the results from either a professional industry glossary or online equivalent.

Failing that, if you would like some terminology checking, feel free to give us a call on the number below and we’ll confirm your choices quickly, able to assist in any aspect of translation, editing and copy writing.

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