UKTI Case Study

We’ve worked alongside UKTI since we started, helping local and national firms to export into Brazil, the Middle East and China.

We have also worked with local law firms, such as Alexander & Co. and BrevetSud from France on contract, patent and interpreting projects.

From patent translations to interpreting by phone and in person, we take on legal translations for a variety of subjects. We work with specialists in legal translation from the UK, Europe and around the world.

Date: 2008-present

Clients: Alexander & Co. Solicitors LLP, BrevetSud

Category: Export, contracts, patents, interpreting and telephone interpreting

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Languages translated

French | Italian | German | Spanish
Dutch | Swedish | Norwegian | Danish
Icelandic | Finnish | Russian | Portuguese
Vietnamese | Korean | Turkish | Estonian
Latvian | Serbo-Croatian | Czech | Polish
Greek | Arabic | Mandarin | Cantonese
Hindi | Bengali | Punjabi | Japanese
Javanese | Malay | Gujarati | Urdu
Tamil | Pashto | Sylheti | Thai
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