Tamil Translation Services

Looking for professional Tamil translation services? Our team can translate, review and revise your Tamil translation in any format. With a wide range of industry expert translators, we translate for all businesses and instutitions across a range of subject areas.

Estimated size of Tamil speaking market: 70 million in India and Sri-Lanka

InDesign, Illustrator Tamil translation

We have developed and used a method for translating both InDesign and Illustrator files into any language, without needing to layout the page in the new language.

In a simple operation involving exporting the source text as an XML file from InDesign or Illustrator, using our translation tools to work only on the editable text, then re-importing that translation into the original, we can translate to multiple languages, only needing to layout the page for the source text.

Sometimes there may be small tweaks to make, if a language is more or less verbose, for example, but overall the process can save many hours of manual work.

The translation of Tamil legal documentation for legal teams accounts for a considerable proportion of our client work.

Since 2008 we have translated and interpreted for local and national legal firms, logistics and financial institutions on all manner of subjects. Clients have been highly satisfied by our attention to detail, appropriate use of language and clear writing, for any readership.

Our Tamil legal translation team is experienced and up to date on legal vocabulary and practices in their source and native language countries, fit for purpose in all Tamil legal proceedings.

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Tamil technical translation

Whether it be in engineering, IT, energy, oil and gas, manufacturing or automotive translation, we have the experience and qualified skill to see your Tamil translation project through to completion.

With industry-experienced teams in each major language (and many of the minor ones too!) we deliver native texts that read as if they’d been written in Tamil first.

Specifications, brochures, reports, tenders, manuals, guides and instructions… all kinds of Tamil technical documentation crosses our desks.

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Tamil transcreation

We have worked with numerous brands to creatively translate their campaigns, retaining the impact of the source text and imagery in foreign languages. At times our foreign campaigns have been more successful than the local ones.

Let us take a creative look at your Tamil transcreation campaigns and try to make your brand a hit wherever it goes.

Tamil website and online marketing translation

With a high level of in-house technical knowledge, we can translate your site through XML exports, .po files, code $strings, or even page by page, using our translation tools. We can retain translation memories for future work, for consistency and efficiency, and also build glossaries and term bases for your project, made available to you as part of our service.

We are aware of SEO issues, design and conversion principles, as well as the importance of the use of local language to increase copy effectiveness.

Your Adwords campaign translation can be back with you in days, ready to test, with country or region-specific keywords.

We also specialise in creating multilingual websites, either static or dynamic (Hugo, Drupal, Wordpress) for quick load times, great SEO and a simple workflow resulting in increased content output.

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Encryption and privacy

Client, company and personal privacy is a key value of World to Writers. We want to ensure your document is only ever seen by those who need to see it. As such, we have dedicated encrypted email addresses, PGP keys, 7-Zip AES archive options available.

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As we are a translation agency based in the East Midlands, we can meet and discuss your translation projects locally usually the same day, or soon after. Nationwide we work typically by phone and email, with the occasional meeting to set up or deliver projects, depending on size and complexity.

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